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Archaeological resources date the first traces of settlement in Bursa back to 8,500 years ago, to the foundations of civilization the Neolithic period. There are numerous mounds that shed light on the prehistoric past of the northwest Anatolia in Bursa. About thirty of these mounds have already been detected, which are villages where people lived in the prehistoric period.

After the collapse of the Hittite Empire in 1200 BC, which was first central authority in Anatolia, the Bursa region  was invaded by communities like Bithynians and Thys, who later on came together and founded the Kingdom of Bithynia. Bursa became a city and was surrounded by walls was during the period of the Bithynian King Prusias I and was named therefore “Prusia” at the time. The Region was invaded by the Lydians VII BC, then passed into the hands of the Persians 545 BC, and met with the domination of Alexander III (the Great) after 333 BC who defeated the Persians and conquered Anatolia. The Kingdom of Bithynia was bonded with the Roman State with the testament of King Nikomedes IV (74 BC) and after this date it has been one of the Roman provinces in Asia. For many years, Bursa in the Roman domination later continued its existence as a province of the Byzantine Empire.

Bursa and the surrounding area has been a very important region for Christians since II. Century AC and more than 50 churches and monasteries were founded from the V. Century AC onwards in various regions of Uludağ. Uludağ was given the name “Olympos” in history, which means “the Eternal Shine”. Later on it was called “Oros Ton Kalegeron”, “Keşişdağı” meaning “the Monk Mountain” because of the monasteries it was hosting; it was mentioned in the Travel Books of Evliya Çelebi as “Clergy Mountains” and was finally named Uludağ

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