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Young girls, Coppersmith Bazaar, now is the excitement when the dowry exchange, jewelers in the market is sparkle and panache curiosity. Iskender Kebab flavor, being accustomed to the taste of chestnuts insatiable left on the palate, with Gemlik is to say that enough bread for breakfast. Upon the request of the Food gulab jamun is emulation feeling when you see someone eating a juicy peach. Furnishers in Inegöl while walking, and think of eating dumplings.

Karacabey is to pass through a sack of onions. Mudanya relax sea air pulled into the Ataturk Pancho's hunting lodge at all to be able to enjoy a cup of tea. Arsenal be able to watch their backs Osman Gazi and Orhan Gazi Mosque and the tomb of the Han region. Is the freedom you feel while skiing in Uludag. After making fun of Ramadan fasting time, flies in green tiles is adorned with red tulips Quran voice is to find peace in the Green Mosque. Karagöz and Hacivat your ear to hear the famous quarrel and to smile.

700 years of history make the trip with Cumalikizik watch the Iznik Iznik Lake in the shade of walls, Uludag rear face; Keles, Orhaneli, Harmancık, Buyukorhan 'is to live a nomadic culture with colorful costumes and crafts, Dağyenice, Akdeniz, Mudanya, Tirilye, Gölyazı Configure life with life in the towns and villages

Peach, strawberry, cherry, raspberry, pear, fig, olive, chestnut ... kebabs, meatballs, hünkarbeğendi of gulab jamun, Heaven Kunkin with the country's palate, vegetables and fruit paradise Bursa ...
In autumn, the Grand Bazaar is the date smelling a cup of coffee in Bursa, would be a coy bride wrapped in silk winter ... spring dancing with the singing children, the source is a cool water from a great mountain ... Maybe 600 years old flourishing husband is a plane ... Write glorious Turkish adorned with flags, a pleasant ferry floating in the Sea of ​​Marmara ...

Natural riches green tissues, with close to a thousand ancient trees and medicinal spa with thermal waters "Green Bursa" in this historic city, famous in the past as well as today has attracted the attention of many travelers and historians. Prophet. Solomon; "This place is paradise," said Bursa ... next to the green and blue, turquoise also has Judas Bursa ... honey yellow, emerald green, the color crimson is another of our Bursa ...
Bursa Emirsultan new, Emirsultan the Judas tree, Süleyman Çelebi:
"Oh saints we start work in question,

 We're not necessarily make you a testament "mevlidi,
 Green Tomb of Mehmet Celebi ... Geyikli father (Babasultan), Algerian Amir Abdul Qadir longingly at the moment, he grows with the spiritual climate of great scholars and clerics "Ruhaniyetl is the city" Bursa ...
Evliya Çelebi visited five times and his own words, "In short Bursa Sudan are There" ... confidence is shake hands with Bursa's water is in abundance, is healing. It is a privilege to meet with towels, gives peace of mind. If you breathe the air of history sometimes it feels as if sharing a secret ..

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