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Aras Waterfall

Born in the Southern slopes of Uludag, at an altitude of 1850 meters above sea level, the surrounding villagers call the waterfall Aras Springs, having its source deep in the rocks. Carrying the snow water of Uludağ and and bearing the same name as the valley, the waters of the Aras waterfall feed the Nilüfer River. The steep cliffs rising from behind the Aras Falls and a number of not so frequently used dangerous paths, connect to the South at 2,487 meters above sea level to a small peak, while the West side is connected to Cennetkaya. To reach the Aras waterfall, the stabilized road between Soğukpınar and Ketenli Plateau should be used. The Ketenli Plateau- Aras Waterfall track is 1.9 kilometers long.

OsmangaziDistance to City-Center:
Gençosman-Soğukpınar-Ketenli-Aras: 46,5 km.
Aras Şelalesi: N40.07702 E29.16925

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